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Die cie. toula limnaios ist ein Ensemble für zeitgenössischen Tanz und wurde 1996 von der Choreographin und Interpretin Toula Limnaios und dem Komponisten Ralf R. Ollertz gegründet.

»nothing that is not an excerpt of the heart, finds its expression in the work of toula limnaios, whereby the originality of this artist, a perfectionist of excesses, may lie therein. her excesses focus on mankind, the mysteries of his origins, the fire of his future.«

(saison de la danse, jean-marie gourreau)

»the cie. toula limnaios stands for dance that touches the soul. for visually stunning, intensely atmospheric journeys into the dark places and afterworlds of humanity. over the years, she has found her own expressive voice. more often than not, the choreographer is inspired by great works of art and literature, famous musical scores. classic works of art, which she rewrites and reframes with her own aesthetic, her movement vocabulary and transforms into psychologically, finely balanced contemporary pieces. the company is marvelously hard-working and her theater is one of the hottest spots for contemporary dance.« (tagesspiegel, patrick wildermann)

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