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Christina Kubisch

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Christina Kubisch, born in Bremen 1948, belongs to the first generation of sound artists. Kubisch’s practice ranges from performances, concerts, to works with video and visual art, but she is best known for her sound installations and electro-acoustic compositions.

Christina Kubisch und Tom Thiel in der Galerie Mazzoli, Berlin | Foto: Frank Paul

Kubisch created her personal artistic strategies by developing and transforming technologies such as ultraviolet light, solar energy or electromagnetic induction. In her installations she merges audio and visual arts to create multi-sensory experiences for the participants, who are invited to become active as listeners and performers.

Since 2003 she has realised the ongoing series “Electrical Walks” worldwide, sound walks in urban spaces, where electromagnetic fields become amplified and audible by custom-made headphones.

Christina Kubisch has been a professor for audiovisual arts in Berlin, Paris, Saarbrücken and Oxford. She is a member of Akademie der Künste, Berlin. Her installations, compositions and audio-visual works have been presented since 1973 in solo and group exhibitions in Europe, USA, Asia, Australia and South America as well as in international festivals and group exhibitions. She received numerous grants and awards such as the Giga-Hertz award 2021 for her life achievement.

Christina Kubisch lives and works in Berlin.